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Why you should hire a professional motivational speaker.

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Why you should hire a professional motivational speaker.

Why you should hire a professional motivational speaker in South Africa

You have an upcoming conference or event and you are looking for a motivational speaker in South Africa to set the tone for the conference, wrap up proceedings or to present your company material in a professional manner. You are considering asking the marketing manager or the CEO to take on the role and are also considering hiring the services of a professional. Why should you consider hiring a professional motivational speaker in South Africa?

The right speaker for your event can make the difference between a raving success and a major bomb. You want to hire a speaker that will ensure your event is remembered for all the right reasons and who you can trust to represent your company and your brand with a clear, professional message. If there are going to be potential investors present, you want them to place their faith and belief in your vision. What separates a professional from an amateur?

  • A professional motivational speaker dedicates his or her life to the art and business of speaking and has the wide experience that will make your session a success. Because they earn their living as a speaker, you can be assured of their full time focus. A full time motivational speaker has spent years honing their craft.
  • A good professional motivational speaker will always seek to understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish and what you want to have happen in the minds of audience members. A great speaker will be able to tailor their presentation to suit the specific demographic and needs of your group.
  • A professional motivational speaker has the ability to engage with your audience, to ask relevant questions and to get the audience involved. You can be sure that your audience will not die of boredom by having to sit through 96 PowerPoint slides with reams and reams of text.
  • A good professional motivational speaker will not just dump information on your audience, but will have the ability to craft their message in a way that engages the mind and the heart.
  • A good motivational speaker will get audience members to shift perspectives by presenting the material in a fresh and creative way.

How do you want your event to go down? How do you want to be seen by your peers? Make your next event a success by hiring a professional motivational speaker in Cape Town, South Africa. Book Eddie Botes for your next conference 0n 081 305 5825.


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Eddie Botes is a motivational speaker and trainer based in cape Town, South Africa. He is the founder of Leadershift, an organisation dedicated to inspiring and developing greatness in leaders, by providing world class training programs, entertaining and research packed presentations and state of the art profiling and assessment solutions.

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