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Designing, Aligning and Embedding corporate culture
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I am on a mission to help leaders build better teams and to build workplace cultures where people thrive.


I speak at events and organizations globally. Get in touch if you want to equip your leaders with the skills to build better teams and workplace cultures.


Drawing on the best research and latest insights, I facilitate practical, engaging workshops, equipping leaders with the tools to build high-performance teams and an environment where work doesn’t suck.


Culture by design. I partner with your business over a period of time to design, align and embed an organizational culture where people thrive.

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38 million people resigned from their jobs in 2021 and a further 51 million people followed suit last year, citing a “toxic work culture” as the number one reason. We can do better as leaders.

I am the founder of Leadershift and I’m on a mission to help leaders build workplace cultures where people can thrive. I believe that work doesn’t have to suck.

I work with leaders and teams to create environments where people feel like they belong and are safe, where learning, creativity, and innovation are encouraged, and where everyone can bring their best selves to work.

For me, it’s not just about “what” we do as a business, but “how” we do it and “why” we do it. I believe that every organization should be driven by purpose, where people feel like they’re doing meaningful work.

I help organizations embed Keystone habits – group norms that form the foundation of how we do things around here. These habits aren’t just values; they’re built into the DNA of the business through rituals and systematic “indoctrination.”

I’m currently based in Cairo, Egypt, and when I’m not helping organizations build better cultures, you can find me on the tennis court trying unsuccessfully to replicate Stan Wawrinka’s devastating one-handed backhand.

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