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I speak on organizational culture and the role and skills required by leaders to build great teams. Let’s chat about your exact objectives and craft a solution around that.

The team architect’s Handbook: The Science of building great teams.

Why do some teams add up to be greater than the sum of their parts, while others add up to be less? Teams are the most important unit in any business. They are the only competitive advantage to achieving outstanding results.

This keynote draws on leading-edge research and the science behind building great teams. Infused with inspiring stories from organizations all over the world and packed with practical, implementable ideas, this talk will provide your leaders with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to get their teams to dare more, learn more and achieve more.

Transforming Friction into Family: Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety and Belonging.

Imagine a workplace where every idea flourishes and every individual thrives.

How do you create an environment where your employees not only feel safe but feel like they really belong? The key to creating Psychological safety is to understand that from an evolutionary perspective, our brains are deeply obsessed with it. A sense of belonging is easy to destroy and hard to build.

In this engaging talk, your leaders will learn the secrets to fostering a work environment where innovation and learning soar, trust leads the way, and everyone has a voice.

Unlocking success: How to build a high-purpose environment.

What if your workplace could be more than just a space to work? What if it became a source of inspiration, purpose, and unbreakable unity?

Great leaders know how to consistently communicate meaning, direction, and focus. They know how to create engagement.

In a world of constant change and complexity, finding your organization’s true north is essential. In this enlightening talk, we unveil the secrets to not only setting a course but igniting a passionate sense of meaning and direction that will guide every member of your team.


“We are really grateful for the work that Eddie has done for us……It’s been an amazing experience. I highly recommend the work that Eddie does.”

Paul Jones

Head of people and culture, Nolands

“Eddie Botes introduced a High-Performance culture process at NICO Life….our results instantly changed for the better and we are reaping big now…. we are a better people as a company now!”

Eric Chapola

CEO, NICO Life (Malawi)

“I was initially skeptical about whether culture could be changed but found Eddie’s approach comprehensive and effective. The Keystone habits process over time genuinely changes behaviors and thought patterns, redirecting the ship’s course. Eddie’s post-engagement support makes it so much easier to succeed.”

Chitende Silutongwe

CFO, NICO Life (Malawi)



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